(1) To have a valid understanding of the principles and dynamics of Reality or Existence, (PORE.)

(2)  To correctly apply these Principles of Reality And Existence, (PORE.)

(3)  To work towards voluntary evolution of his/her hidden or unknown nature  in order to attain Cosmic Consciousness or Spiritual Enlightenment (Microphysics or Subjective Enlightenment and Macrophysics or objective Enlightenment.)

This is the Secret Science of how to become a Galactic Human or GALAHUMAN or GALACTOLOGIST and it is known as GALAHUMANISM.

When one attains both Subjective (Microphysics) and Objective (Macrophysics) Enlightenment, the person becomes a GALAHUMAN or a GALACTOLOGIST.

A GALACTOLOGIST is the Beloved of God and the Universe, the Chosen One, the Anointed One, the Illumined One, the Brain, the ELITE, the Shinning One or a CHRISTOLOGIST or GALAHUMANOLOGIST.

The goal of SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) or SCOGOSTOLOGISM (SGGM) is to spread this secret science globally to help as many people as possible to become GALACTOLOGISTS, GALAHUMANS, GALAHUMANITARIANS, GALAHUMANOLOGISTS,  GALAHUMANOLOGICIAN, GALAHUMANITICIANS, CHRISTOLOGISTS, CHRISTOLOGICIANS, and by doing so make the world a better place for all.

This Alchemy of GALAHUMANOLOGY; this Dhammapada of GALAHUMANOLOGY, Christology; the Tao of GALAHUMANOLOGY or GALAHUMANICITY or GALAHUMANOLOGY  THEOLOGICA or Galahumanological Theosophicus is symbolized as “The Black Sun” or the “Stone of Splendor”, (SCOGOSTOLOGY SOS) or the “Galahumanological Apple” or the “Galahumanological fruit of life”

A GALAHUMAN is a SCOGOSTOLOGIST who has attained GALAHUMANISM and so has transcended the body (space and the world), mind (time) as well as life and death to become an IMMORTAL.

Most human beings who claim to be teachers or gurus and who talk about Spiritual Enlightenment and write many big and sweet books about them are not enlightened but have read other peoples’ books and gathered information about it and use them to write their own.

They have only intellectual understanding of Enlightenment.

This is why the phenomenon of Spiritual Enlightenment had been greatly misunderstood for hundreds of thousands of years because the most popular books about it were written by non-enlightened people with only intellectual understanding of it.

And in order to get rich from selling their books they have written many imaginary and fictitious things about it that impress many people and make them justify the cost of the books.

We are all immortal beings.

The problem is that because of our minds and socialization we don’t know it.

True Spirituality or SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is the science of re-discovering this fact by going through and beyond the mind to reach our Spirits which are the only reality, the foundation of our beings.

We are Consciousness.

And a unit of Consciousness is a Spirit of Soul.

We are units of Consciousness.

We are atoms, molecules, cells, systems, quanta of Consciousness who have forgotten we are immortal.

True Spirituality and SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is the secret science of moving out of the body and mind and beyond to reach the Spirit or Soul so that a person would realize what he or she is already, a Spirit, Soul or Consciousness that is the foundation of all.

Furthermore, each human being is a solar system, planet, galaxy and the Universe.

Consciousness is not a thing.



It is nothingness because and it is the mother of all.

It expresses itself in many forms.

It is the mother of space, body, time, mind, life, light, the solar systems, galaxies, the Universe and all.

To attain to this “Nothingness” is to attain to Spiritual Enlightenment.

The method of doing it is the backward moving.

It is negative.

In our daily lives, we move out into the world and don’t know the method of moving in, into the inner world.

There is a world outside us and another world inside us.

The world outside us is the objective world that we know about and live in.

But this is only half of the Reality.

There is also another world, the subjective inner world, the other half of Reality.

This inner world is the Spiritual world and this is where billions of human beings have no clue because they don’t know it because they have been hypnotized, brainwashed and given the wrong and misleading information about it.

First, you have NOTHINGNESS, another name for CONSCIOUSNESS.

When part of this one Consciousness breaks off and becomes an independent unit, it becomes a Spirit or a Soul.

Therefore, a Soul or Spirit is an atom of molecule of Consciousness because it is capable of independent Existence.

In order to be able to move around in the world, the Spirit or Soul needs a vehicle and a driver.

The vehicle or car is the body while the driver is the mind.

With the body and mind, the Soul moves about and interacts with the world outside, the objective world.

They are needed for the outer life of the Soul.

However, if a person desires to know his/her original nature as one Consciousness, then he/she must stop moving outside with the body as vehicle and the mind as the driver.

He/she must begin the backward movement.

First, he/she must get out of the body, then out of the mind, then space-time, then energy and he/she would be able to reach the Soul/Spirit.

But there is a problem.

If you desire to get out of your mind that desire becomes a barrier because it is a thought and thoughts make up the mind.

Desires are the chains that keep human beings in bondage on earth and prevent them from being capable of moving backwards into themselves to know their Spirits and become Spiritually Enlightened, free and immortals.

You cannot desire to stop the mind.

That very desire is thought and it is what the mind is made up of.

Therefore, the more you do anything or think about anything or desire anything, the more you make the mind stronger and therefore unable to get out of it.

This is the mystery of the process of Spiritual Enlightenment and why billions of human beings are not able to become Spiritually Enlightened.

They have been reading books about Spiritual Enlightenment written by scholars who were not Enlightened.

You cannot think about how to or desire to become Enlightened because the very thought becomes mind and mind is the barrier that is preventing you from reaching your Spirit to become enlightened!

For this reason, certain techniques, called DVD techniques (or Mental Deconstruction Devices, MDD) have been created to help you move into your body and mind and then be able to move out into your Spirit to become Spiritually Enlightened.

These techniques are devices or tools that trick the mind and keep it occupied while you move out of it.

These devices will not make you Spiritually Enlightened.

They are distractions that trick the mind to keep it busy while you move out.

It is moving out of your body and mind that gets you to your Spirit and make you Enlightened, not the DVD techniques.

The DVD or MDD Techniques are like cars that transport you from the body and mind to your Spirit.

When you reach your Spirit, you must come out of the car and abandon it.

After you attain Enlightenment, all DVD techniques must be abandoned.

Some Enlightened masters have been fond of talking about the pathless path.

What they mean is that technique don’t make a person to become Enlightened.

They mean that all techniques are bogus and could become a hindrance to Spiritual Enlightenment.

And they are right.

All techniques are bogus. But those bogus techniques are needed.

When you were born and was a little baby, you had to crawl on the ground with your hands and legs. You did not start walking right away.

Then as you grew up you started learning how to walk.

With time, you started learning how to ride your bike, then motor cycle, then a car and then finally someday, you could learn how to fly an airplane.

The same applies on the path of Enlightenment.

You cannot say, it is bogus to teach a baby how to walk because when he grows up he would learn how to fly an airplane, therefore, why waste time and energy teaching him/her how to walk or ride a bike or a car.

You may say these are bogus.

They will never help him/her to fly and you would be right.

But the reality is that it is better for the baby to learn how to walk, ride a bike, and a car before learning how to fly an airplane!

Therefore, the Enlightened masters who condemn techniques as unnecessary and bogus are right, but unfortunately, without them, you may not be able to become Enlightened!

They are unavoidable.

They are utilitarian.

You have to use them.

When you reach your destination, you may come out and abandon them.

Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment without any techniques is arduous and not for everybody.

The average human being don’t even know his/her body not to mention his/her mind, so how can you expect him/her to be able to come out of the body, not to mention the mind?

If you’re in a house, you must know the house, where the doors and windows are for you to be able to come out of it.

Unfortunately, the average person lives in his/her house (body) and yet don’t know where the doors and windows are located.

Therefore, no matter how loud you scream to him/her to get out of the house and there is no technique needed to get out of it, he/she would not be able to do so.

First, you must show him/her around the house and show him/her where the doors and windows are located. Then you show him/her how to unlock the door, open it and go out of it.

And just knowing how to open the door and go out is not enough.

You cannot remain outside too long, therefore, you must also know how to open the door and go back inside the house.

You may not stay outside the house forever because soon, there could be a rainfall, wind, or problems outside.

You should also know how to get back into your body after going out.

The same is the case with the mind.

It is not enough to know how to get out of it.

You must also know how to get back into it when needed because the mind is a tool that helps you to live and function in the outer objective world reality.

And unless a person is able to get out of the body and mind, the person would not be able to understand what the body and mind are and to be able to use them as tools for evolution into higher being (which are what they are) and the person would continue to be under their dominations and will suffer and be miserable.



SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG is the “SECRET” to knowing how to establish true relationship with God and the Universe so that ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS WILL FLOW INTO YOUR LIFE.
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    I saw your web blog via bing the other day and absolutely adore it. Carry on the excellent work.

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