God is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved or a concept to argue for or against.

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Therefore, both the theists and atheists who argue for and also against God are missing the point because they have not attained Spiritual Enlightenment (Cosmic Consciousness) to comprehend the concept of God.

What they believe is “God” or “is not God” is just the projection of their minds, which has nothing to do with the reality.

That is why you can argue in the favor of the existence of God and you will make sense, the same way as if you argue against the His/Her existence.

The “REALITY transcends both and that is why it is a “MYSTERY”.

A Mystery is that which is beyond human mind and cannot be comprehended and therefore cannot be explained.


Anyone who thinks that God has nothing to do with reality is mistaken.

There are not two realities.

There is only ONE REALITY.

“God” is another name for “REALITY”!

God is the ONLY REALITY.

In addition, you are that God and also part of LARGER GODS, which make up God, the ONE REALITY.

Let us make it clearer.

If you wish to argue for the existence of “God”, you would need your mind and intellect, right?

Moreover, if you wish to argue against the existence of “God”, you would also need to use your mind and intellect too, right?

However, the concept you are arguing for or against, “God” is beyond both the mind and intellect!

That is what we mean that all arguments ( both for or against) are useless.

Only someone who has gone beyond mind and intellect would realize what “God” means and when he does, he would remain silent.

An empty barrel makes the most noise.

That was why each time Gautama Buddha’s disciples asked him about God, he remained silent.

Lao Tzu not only remained silent about it but also declared that it has no name. Therefore, you cannot even talk about it!

Therefore, people who waste their time arguing for or against God are children, because they do not know any better.

If you want to know what the concept called “God” means, then become enlightened.

Go beyond your mind and intellect.


Only a “knower”, an “enlightened person” (GALAHUMAN) can assert because he does not theorize, instead he declares what he knows.

He can make declarations because Truth never grows old.

It is always the same because Truth is beyond time, so it never ages!

The name of God of SCOGOS (SGS) is VOIDON (VDN)

The ultimate powers of VOIDON are activated in the Grand Unified Field (GUF).

(The grand unifications of electrical, magnetic, gravitational, light, space-time and mind forces)

It manifests itself through a NAKED SINGULARITY.

The Naked Singularity gives birth to the Big Bang, Space-time, Light, Matter, the OMNIVERSE, Cosmos, Universes, Galaxies, Solar systems and Planets, Human beings, Life, Nature and the material physical world.


VOIDON has two natures: manifest and un-manifest (knowable, material and unknowable, immaterial parts.)

The Unknowable, Immaterial Un-manifest VOIDON (Infinity-Immortal-Consciousness matrix):

This is what is understood as CONSCIOUSNESS.  It is the knower. The reality. Existence. Infinity. Eternity. Immortal.

It has no beginning and no end.

It is beyond life and death, beyond space and time and is eternal because it is never born and never dies.

It is beyond matter and mind and so cannot be known.

Therefore, it is called a “MYSTERY”

However, one can attain this dimension of being through SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) and TMT Power Secrets of Immortality.

The knowable, material and manifest VOIDON (= Naked Singularity-Big Bang-Space-Time-Light-Matter Continuum/matrix)

This is the part of VOIDON that forms all the energy, Forces, Forms, Omniverse, Cosmoses, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Life, Human beings, animals, living and non-living things, matter, space and time that are knowable and manifest.

The Un-manifest VOIDON is present in all manifest VOIDON.

In addition, all manifest VOIDON exist within time, is born, and also dies.

When it dies, it goes back and unites with un-manifest VOIDON.

Then after some time, it separates again from un-manifest VOIDON and becomes manifest through a Naked Singularity again.

Human beings are part of the manifest VOIDON.

The un-manifest VOIDON is present in all human beings.

The goal of SCOGOS, (SGS) is to reveal the sciences and the technologies of Reality and Existence to enable a human being to evolve from his/her current hierarchy or level of existence to higher levels until he/she attains enlightenment and become “GALACTICA HUMANA” (GALAHUMAN).

The path to GALAHUMAN is through awareness cultivated from TMT techniques that makes the practitioner capable to become aware of both the manifest and un-manifest VOIDON both from the inside (subjectively) and from the outside (objectively)

There are 12 orders, phases and 360 degrees of TMT self-development and crystallization.

What is Beyond The Universe, Cosmos And Omniverse?

De-mystifying the Enigma About Reality That Had Baffled Scientists For Thousands of Years

What is beyond the Universe, Cosmos and Omniverse?


The word CONSCIOUSNESS has been corrupted, therefore misunderstood, and no longer good.

Therefore, SCOGOSTOLOGY or SCOGOSTOLOGISM has given it a new name: VOIDON.

VOIDON is that part of EXISTENCE that is UNKNOWABLE because IT IS THE KNOWER.

You cannot know the KNOWER, CONSCIOUSNESS or VOIDON.


In addition, you can become an electron, an atom, a goat, a lion, a tree, a river, a mountain, a planet, a sun, a galaxy, and a universe!

In fact, everything you see is really many forms of VOIDON.


The knowable part of EXISTENCE is VOIDON.


In Indian philosophical system, these are symbolized by these names: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with his consort, Mother Kali.

However, the Indians are lost because they have forgotten the SPIRIT and now engrossed with the body by worshiping Shiva and his consort, Mother Kali.

Calcutta (= Kali city) is the center of worship of Mother Kali


The ultimate powers of VOIDON are activated in the Grand Unified Field (GUF).

(The grand unifications of electrical, magnetic, gravitational, light, space-time and mind forces)

It manifests itself through a “NAKED SINGULARITY”.

The Naked Singularity gives birth to the Big Bang, Space-time, Life, Light, Matter, the OMNIVERSE, Cosmos, universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, human beings, nature and the material physical world.

How A Fictional, Non-Historical Character Became Jesus Christ, The Son Of God!

A Jew by name Ezra wrote the Old Testament Bible based on ancient books he obtained from Iraq and Egypt.

In addition, the New Testament is fictional,  based on a fictional character named Jesus Christ.

There was no human being by name Jesus Christ who was born in Middle East 2000 yrs ago.

In addition, even if there was, how can he become the son of God? Impossible.

The reason being that the Anunnaki Gods were not on earth 2000 yrs ago, so Jesus Christ could not have been one of their sons!

In ancient times, most Roman army generals claimed to be sons of God. One of those army generals was Alexander the Great.

After his teacher (Aristotle) taught him about the Anunnakis , he started feeling inferior and to compensate for that sickness, he traveled all over the world fighting with the ambition to conquer the whole world.

If one is enlightened, he is superior and will not need to travel around the world showing off, killing people just to show his might.

Once you are enlightened, you go above the world and all humans and you are automatically a superior being and do not need to prove it by being evil or showing psychic powers. Only inferior wannabees show psychic powers.

Most enlightened people die without anyone knowing them!

Anyway, Alexander was feeling inferior, so he started fighting to own the whole world.

He did not know that was silly. He conquered Egypt and India. In Egypt, he built his own city and named it Alexandria.

Then he disowned his father and began claiming he was the son of a God!

As of today, he is still called “The Great” because of this.

Owning the whole world does not make a person Enlightened.

Moreover, even if you own the whole world, it is not much of an achievement because there are trillions of worlds out there.

In addition, someday, even all these trillions of worlds will die!

Someday, even the sun will die too.

Knowing yourself and being you are the real treasure. This is what is symbolized as “Enlightenment”

That is why the writers of New Testament called it “Kingdom of God” (what we call today: “Enlightenment”) and specifically told you where to find inside of yourself!

All human beings, including animals are parts of God: sons and daughters of God.

The “living Earth” is our mother God and the “living Sun” is our true father God.

Remember the earth and the sun you learn about in geography and astronomy are not the “Living Earth and Sun”

We cannot see the “Living Earth and Sun” directly!

What we can see (balls floating in space) are cross sections of the “Living Earth and Sun”

A God is a being who gives you food and life and who you cannot do without.

There are many Gods around you who you are not aware of.

Therefore, your first Gods are your Parents.

Then your Family.

Then your Community.

Then your City.

Then your Country.

Then your planet.(The Big God)

Then your Sun (Your BIGGER GOD)

In addition, you are a God to the billions of beings inside you.

You are a God to the organs in your body.

A God to the billions of cells in your body.

A God to billions and billions of atoms and molecules in your body.

Your body is a universe, and you are the God of this universe.



SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG is the “SECRET” to knowing how to establish true relationship with God and the Universe so that ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS WILL FLOW INTO YOUR LIFE.
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  1. It is this God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the true God, whom he has brought to the peoples of the earth. Religion Spirituality

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    The first wholly new interpretation for 2000 years of the Gospel/moral teachings of Christ is on the web. Redefining all primary elements including Faith, the Word, Law, Baptism, the Trinity and especially the Resurrection. Questioning the validity and origins of all Christian tradition, and focusing specifically on marriage, love and human sexuality, it overturns all natural law ethics and theory. What history, philosophy, science and theology have agreed was not possible, has happened and at stake is the credibility of several thousand years of religious history.

    What first appears a counter intuitive challenge to the religious status quo is worth closer examination;  it carries within its pages a wisdom which the theological history of religion either ignored, were unable to imagine or dismissed. An error of presumption which could now leave ‘tradition’ staring into the abyss and humble all secular, atheist  speculation. 

    Using a synthesis of scriptural material drawn from the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha , The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag Hammadi Library, and some of the world’s great poetry, just as in the beginning, it describes and teaches a single moral Law, a single moral principle, a single test of faith, offering the Promise of its own proof; one in which the reality and will of God responds directly to an act of perfect faith with a demonstration of his omnipotence, an individual intervention into the natural world; ‘raising’ up the man, correcting human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness and human ethical perception beyond all natural evolutionary boundaries. Intended to be understood metaphorically, where ‘death’ and darkness are ignorance and ‘Life’ and light are knowledge,  this personal experience of  transcendent power and moral purpose is our ‘Resurrection’, and justification for faith. Here, on a perfectly objective foundation of moral principle and virtue, true morality and ‘Life’ begins.

    The first ever viable religious conception capable of leading reason, by faith, to observable consequences which can be tested and judged is now a reality. A teaching that delivers the first ever religious claim of insight into the human condition, that meets the Enlightenment criteria of verifiable, direct cause and effect, evidence based truth embodied in experience. For the first time in history, however unexpected, the world must consider the implications of a new claim to revealed truth, a moral tenet not of human intellectual origin, offering access by faith, to absolute proof, an objective basis for moral principle and a fully rational and justifiable belief! 

    This is ‘religion’ without any of the conventional trappings of tradition. An individual, spiritual, virtue-ethical conception, independent of all cultural perception; contained within a single moral command and single Law that finds it’s expression of obedience within a new covenant of marriage. It requires no institutional framework or hierarchy, churches or priest craft, no scholastic theological rational, dogma or doctrine, no ones permission and stripped of all theological myth, ‘worship’ requires only conviction, faith and the necessary measure of self discipline to accomplish a new, single, moral imperative and the integrity and fidelity to the new Divinely created reality.

    If confirmed and there appears both the means and a growing, concerted effort to test and authenticate this material, this will represent a paradigm change and advance in the moral and intellectual potential of human nature itself;  untangling the greatest  questions of human existence: consciousness, meaning, suffering, free will and evil. And at the same time addressing the most profound problems of our age.

    While every day, from every television screen, newspaper, radio and web, the limitations of mankind are becoming both obvious and ominous by the failure to successfully address and resolve the most pressing problems facing the modern world, threatening humanity and the earth itself,  this revelation offers a way to cut the Gordian knot.

    Providing the ‘means to ends’  this new teaching is asking humanity, choose the future you prefer? The status quo, where existing religious traditions, mired in their own contradictions, corruption, hypocrisy and hocus-pocus, offer little but pretensions and divisiveness, and where existing political process can only feebly respond to the growing chaos of more war, terrorism, economic turmoil, environmental degradation, injustice, spin and whitewash, natural disaster, plague and pandemic; or learn to comprehend that human nature, prisoner to its evolutionary root, exists within fixed limits of understanding, and by taking new personal and moral responsibility, in a single change of mind, heart  and conduct, by faith, transcend those limits and blow the status quo strait to oblivion. 

    Trials of this new teaching are open to all and under way in many countries, colloquial evidence already suggest confirmations are taking place. For those individuals who can shake off their existing prejudices, imagine outside the cultural box of history, stand against the stream of fashionable thought and spin, who have the moral courage to learn something new and will TEST this revelation for themselves, an intellectual and moral revolution is already under way, where the ‘impossible’ becomes inevitable, with the most potent, political, Non Violent Direct Action any human being can take to advance peace, justice, change and progress. 

    Published [at the moment] only on the web, a typeset manuscript of this new teaching is available as a free [1.4meg] PDF download from an increasing number of links including:

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