(1)  He or she is a person who was born into A SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) family, community, society or country whose psyche is integrated or who was born into a non-SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) family, society, community or country but have used DVDTECH (aka Mind Deconstruction Devices, MDD) and TMT Power Secret tools to integrate his/her psyche into one whole and so is at peace with him/herself, other human beings and the world.

(2) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST lives in the world but is not of the world because he/she has gone beyond it by mastering him/herself.

Therefore he/she is in harmony with nature and don’t attach himself or herself to material possessions, wealth, success, fame and power.

(3) He/she understands that the whole Universe is one but manifests in different forms, wavelengths and vibrations that give rise to all the different types of matter, beings, living things, human beings, animals, plants, soil, gases, planets, suns, solar systems, constellations, galaxies, universes and cosmos, as well as Omniverse and VOIDON.

(4) He or she is a person who understands that the different forces that operate in nature and in Existence are one although they have dual polarities and that even though they seem opposed to each other, they are in fact, complimentary and not opposed to each because each needs the other to be manifest.

Therefore, there is nothing that is absolutely, inherently good, or bad (the basis of all morality.)

Therefore, positive and negative, God and Devil, up and down, male and female, heaven and hell, light and darkness and other dualities are complimentary and not opposed to each other because each needs the other. Besides, each leads to the other at its extremity.

(5) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN is a lover of BEAUTY in all of its different forms and strives to make the world and everything beautiful.

Therefore, he or she works hard to develop and cultivate his/her body, mind and Spirit (Soul) in order to attain Spiritual Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness, which is the highest form of beauty.

Beauty is one of the most powerful expressions of the Divine or Existence.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is a lover of symmetry, order, competence, simplicity, pragmatism and magnanimity.

While everybody else tries to complicate things, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST tries to simplify them because one of the qualities of Existence is simplicity.

When one has Spiritual Enlightenment, his or her vision is united into ONE and his or her perception is clear.

Simplicity is the hallmark of clarity.

Clarity of vision is the telltale sign of Spiritual Enlightenment.

(6) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is one who understands that the foundation of knowledge is the understanding of oneself because by doing so, then a person can understand others because everything is a part of One whole Reality.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST does not worship any Supreme Being because a Supreme Being is made up of parts and a SCOGOSTOLOGIST is that part.

Instead, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST works hard to cultivate awareness and his or her Spirit (Soul) so that he or she can become Spiritually Enlightened and realize the Supreme Being inside him or her.

When he or she is showered by SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) LIGHT, he or she would come to realize he or she is part of the Supreme Being; ONE REALITY that manifests as many different forms and beings.


(7) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is time conscious and therefore punctual, sharp, methodical, steadfast, creative, solid, strong, mighty, patient, aware, insightful, careful, rigorous, has clarity, is non-mystical, non-superstitious, scientific, empirical, experimental and do not believe or accept anything without an evidence or proof beyond all reasonable doubts.

He or she has self-control and discipline, is respectful, trustworthy, reliable, dutiful, humorous and fair-minded.

(8)  A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is never jealous of others and their possessions because he or she is at peace with himself/herself; he/she is non-possessive, creative and therefore has the capacity and skill to attain his/her ambitions.

Only weak, uncreative, unproductive, non-spiritual and foolish people are jealous of others.

He or she does not desire things because others do so or do things because others make him/her to do so.  He or she does not care about what others say about him/her because he/she believes in freedom and recognizes that others have the freedom to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him or her.

Only weak people who have NOT known themselves care about what others say about them because their whole personalities and identities depend on other people’s opinions.

They have not known themselves.

They have no character or selves that belong to them.

Whatever they have –body and mind belong to their parents, school, friends and society.

When one knows his/herself, why would he or she care about what others (who have not even known themselves) think about him/her?

And whatever they think of him/her is bound to be wrong because if they have not known themselves (they are closest to themselves than other human beings) they could not possibly know anyone else.

Knowing must start from home, from oneself because you are nearest to you.

Others are so distant.

If you cannot know “you,” who is nearest to yourself, how can you possibly know others who are distant from you?

And knowing is Not the same as Knowledge.

Knowledge is information about an object obtained from outside.

Knowing is an experience obtained from being.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST has known his/her body, mind and Spirit and therefore is independent-minded and action-oriented because he/she knows where  he/she is from, where he or she is at, where he or she is going, is full of confidence, clarity and has a sense of purpose.

He or she does not depend on anyone because he or she knows that others are weak and uncreative and since they have not known themselves, they are unreliable, needy and beggars.

You cannot expect much from a beggar!

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST knows that he or she is responsible for creating his or her own reality and purpose in life because he or she knows that he/she is part of God, which is another name for creativity.

(9) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is not a beggar because he or she knows that everything is abundant in nature, so he or she tries to understand how to communicate with the Universe the source of everything.

Everybody else is a beggar and you cannot get much from a beggar.

The smart thing to do is to go to the source of all, the Universe.

But to get anything from the Universe, you must become one with the Universe and know how to communicate with it.

This is the meaning of SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG), the science and technology of understanding Existence and the Universe and becoming one with it so that one can make his or her ambitions come true and get abundant wealth, success, prosperity, fame, power and happiness.

Seek you the kingdom of God first (understand and know how to communicate with the source of all, the Universe) and everything shall be yours!

(10) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST does not run around chasing material objects and possessions because he or she is not a beggar.

Only beggars run around chasing wealth, success, prosperity, fame and happiness.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is a man or woman of peace and power.

When you have power and united with the Universe, it will send all your needs and make all your ambitions come true automatically.


The Universe is the source of all wealth, success, prosperity, gold and diamonds.

And anyone who is properly connected to the Universe would not lack anything because the Universe is infinitely rich and powerful and have everything in abundance.

A man of true power, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN does not run around the world seeking wealth, success, prosperity, fame, love, power and happiness.

A man of true power is a SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN and he/she stays in one place while all that he/she desires come to him/her automatically because he is one with the Universe and so the Universe knows his/her desires and send them to him/her automatically.

His/Her ambitions, goals and desires are also those of the UNIVERSE!

A man of true power, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN is the same as the UNIVERSE and is backed by the UNIVERSE and GOD, as well as all the trillions of solar systems, suns, planets , beings and power, in all of their MIGHTY AND GLORY.

The sun shines everyday and if it does not get into an accident would keep shining and giving all forms and beings in our solar system energy, light and life without our begging, asking, or worshiping it.

The energy of one sun, (which is the nucleus of an atom in the body of a Universe) is so powerful and beyond human comprehension and can last 12 billion years.

Then think about the power of hundreds of billions of Suns inside a Galaxy and hundreds of billions of Galaxies in a Universe.

(11) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is modest, non-exhibitionist, in control of his/her body, mind and Spirit, as well as his/her environment.

He or she is always aware, in harmony with all and flows with nature.

(12)  He/she is aware and conscious in whatever he or she does and so he or she can see both the trees and the forest.

He or she respects all beings and animals because he or she has known himself/herself and understands that all beings and matter are parts of one Reality and Existence and therefore different parts of him/her.

(13) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is neither a masochist nor sadist. He or she does not attack others or defame, manipulate or exploit them because he or she knows others are parts of the Universe and having become one with the Universe, he or she sees others as parts of him/her too. He does not victimize others and vehemently refuses to let others victimize him/her because he/she is not a masochist.

When slapped on one cheek, he or she does not turn the other cheek to be slapped on too.

Instead, if you step on his toe, he or she would scream and make it absolutely clear that he or she does not like it and that it should not happen again because if it does next time he would break your own leg so that you would know how it feels and stop.

He or she refuses to be manipulated, exploited or cheated in any way because he does not do any of these to others.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is upright, reasonable, considerate, fair-minded and has a sterling personality.

(14) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST eschews violence and does not allow anyone to be violent to him/her.

He/she is temperate in his/her manner and follows the”Middle path” (moderation in all things) in all his/her daily life and avoid the extremes.

The Middle path is the path that leads to transcendence.

And transcendence is SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG).



SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG is the “SECRET” to knowing how to establish true relationship with God and the Universe so that ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS WILL FLOW INTO YOUR LIFE. http://www.scogostology.org
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