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God is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved or a concept to argue for or against.

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Therefore, both the theists and atheists who argue for and also against God are missing the point because they have not attained Spiritual Enlightenment (Cosmic Consciousness) to comprehend the concept of God.

What they believe is “God” or “is not God” is just the projection of their minds, which has nothing to do with the reality.

That is why you can argue in the favor of the existence of God and you will make sense, the same way as if you argue against the His/Her existence.

The “REALITY transcends both and that is why it is a “MYSTERY”.

A Mystery is that which is beyond human mind and cannot be comprehended and therefore cannot be explained.


Anyone who thinks that God has nothing to do with reality is mistaken.

There are not two realities.

There is only ONE REALITY.

“God” is another name for “REALITY”!

God is the ONLY REALITY.

In addition, you are that God and also part of LARGER GODS, which make up God, the ONE REALITY.

Let us make it clearer.

If you wish to argue for the existence of “God”, you would need your mind and intellect, right?

Moreover, if you wish to argue against the existence of “God”, you would also need to use your mind and intellect too, right?

However, the concept you are arguing for or against, “God” is beyond both the mind and intellect!

That is what we mean that all arguments ( both for or against) are useless.

Only someone who has gone beyond mind and intellect would realize what “God” means and when he does, he would remain silent.

An empty barrel makes the most noise.

That was why each time Gautama Buddha’s disciples asked him about God, he remained silent.

Lao Tzu not only remained silent about it but also declared that it has no name. Therefore, you cannot even talk about it!

Therefore, people who waste their time arguing for or against God are children, because they do not know any better.

If you want to know what the concept called “God” means, then become enlightened.

Go beyond your mind and intellect.


Only a “knower”, an “enlightened person” (GALAHUMAN) can assert because he does not theorize, instead he declares what he knows.

He can make declarations because Truth never grows old.

It is always the same because Truth is beyond time, so it never ages!

The name of God of SCOGOS (SGS) is VOIDON (VDN)

The ultimate powers of VOIDON are activated in the Grand Unified Field (GUF).

(The grand unifications of electrical, magnetic, gravitational, light, space-time and mind forces)

It manifests itself through a NAKED SINGULARITY.

The Naked Singularity gives birth to the Big Bang, Space-time, Light, Matter, the OMNIVERSE, Cosmos, Universes, Galaxies, Solar systems and Planets, Human beings, Life, Nature and the material physical world.


VOIDON has two natures: manifest and un-manifest (knowable, material and unknowable, immaterial parts.)

The Unknowable, Immaterial Un-manifest VOIDON (Infinity-Immortal-Consciousness matrix):

This is what is understood as CONSCIOUSNESS.  It is the knower. The reality. Existence. Infinity. Eternity. Immortal.

It has no beginning and no end.

It is beyond life and death, beyond space and time and is eternal because it is never born and never dies.

It is beyond matter and mind and so cannot be known.

Therefore, it is called a “MYSTERY”

However, one can attain this dimension of being through SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) and TMT Power Secrets of Immortality.

The knowable, material and manifest VOIDON (= Naked Singularity-Big Bang-Space-Time-Light-Matter Continuum/matrix)

This is the part of VOIDON that forms all the energy, Forces, Forms, Omniverse, Cosmoses, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Life, Human beings, animals, living and non-living things, matter, space and time that are knowable and manifest.

The Un-manifest VOIDON is present in all manifest VOIDON.

In addition, all manifest VOIDON exist within time, is born, and also dies.

When it dies, it goes back and unites with un-manifest VOIDON.

Then after some time, it separates again from un-manifest VOIDON and becomes manifest through a Naked Singularity again.

Human beings are part of the manifest VOIDON.

The un-manifest VOIDON is present in all human beings.

The goal of SCOGOS, (SGS) is to reveal the sciences and the technologies of Reality and Existence to enable a human being to evolve from his/her current hierarchy or level of existence to higher levels until he/she attains enlightenment and become “GALACTICA HUMANA” (GALAHUMAN).

The path to GALAHUMAN is through awareness cultivated from TMT techniques that makes the practitioner capable to become aware of both the manifest and un-manifest VOIDON both from the inside (subjectively) and from the outside (objectively)

There are 12 orders, phases and 360 degrees of TMT self-development and crystallization.

What is Beyond The Universe, Cosmos And Omniverse?

De-mystifying the Enigma About Reality That Had Baffled Scientists For Thousands of Years

What is beyond the Universe, Cosmos and Omniverse?


The word CONSCIOUSNESS has been corrupted, therefore misunderstood, and no longer good.

Therefore, SCOGOSTOLOGY or SCOGOSTOLOGISM has given it a new name: VOIDON.

VOIDON is that part of EXISTENCE that is UNKNOWABLE because IT IS THE KNOWER.

You cannot know the KNOWER, CONSCIOUSNESS or VOIDON.


In addition, you can become an electron, an atom, a goat, a lion, a tree, a river, a mountain, a planet, a sun, a galaxy, and a universe!

In fact, everything you see is really many forms of VOIDON.


The knowable part of EXISTENCE is VOIDON.


In Indian philosophical system, these are symbolized by these names: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with his consort, Mother Kali.

However, the Indians are lost because they have forgotten the SPIRIT and now engrossed with the body by worshiping Shiva and his consort, Mother Kali.

Calcutta (= Kali city) is the center of worship of Mother Kali


The ultimate powers of VOIDON are activated in the Grand Unified Field (GUF).

(The grand unifications of electrical, magnetic, gravitational, light, space-time and mind forces)

It manifests itself through a “NAKED SINGULARITY”.

The Naked Singularity gives birth to the Big Bang, Space-time, Life, Light, Matter, the OMNIVERSE, Cosmos, universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, human beings, nature and the material physical world.

How A Fictional, Non-Historical Character Became Jesus Christ, The Son Of God!

A Jew by name Ezra wrote the Old Testament Bible based on ancient books he obtained from Iraq and Egypt.

In addition, the New Testament is fictional,  based on a fictional character named Jesus Christ.

There was no human being by name Jesus Christ who was born in Middle East 2000 yrs ago.

In addition, even if there was, how can he become the son of God? Impossible.

The reason being that the Anunnaki Gods were not on earth 2000 yrs ago, so Jesus Christ could not have been one of their sons!

In ancient times, most Roman army generals claimed to be sons of God. One of those army generals was Alexander the Great.

After his teacher (Aristotle) taught him about the Anunnakis , he started feeling inferior and to compensate for that sickness, he traveled all over the world fighting with the ambition to conquer the whole world.

If one is enlightened, he is superior and will not need to travel around the world showing off, killing people just to show his might.

Once you are enlightened, you go above the world and all humans and you are automatically a superior being and do not need to prove it by being evil or showing psychic powers. Only inferior wannabees show psychic powers.

Most enlightened people die without anyone knowing them!

Anyway, Alexander was feeling inferior, so he started fighting to own the whole world.

He did not know that was silly. He conquered Egypt and India. In Egypt, he built his own city and named it Alexandria.

Then he disowned his father and began claiming he was the son of a God!

As of today, he is still called “The Great” because of this.

Owning the whole world does not make a person Enlightened.

Moreover, even if you own the whole world, it is not much of an achievement because there are trillions of worlds out there.

In addition, someday, even all these trillions of worlds will die!

Someday, even the sun will die too.

Knowing yourself and being you are the real treasure. This is what is symbolized as “Enlightenment”

That is why the writers of New Testament called it “Kingdom of God” (what we call today: “Enlightenment”) and specifically told you where to find inside of yourself!

All human beings, including animals are parts of God: sons and daughters of God.

The “living Earth” is our mother God and the “living Sun” is our true father God.

Remember the earth and the sun you learn about in geography and astronomy are not the “Living Earth and Sun”

We cannot see the “Living Earth and Sun” directly!

What we can see (balls floating in space) are cross sections of the “Living Earth and Sun”

A God is a being who gives you food and life and who you cannot do without.

There are many Gods around you who you are not aware of.

Therefore, your first Gods are your Parents.

Then your Family.

Then your Community.

Then your City.

Then your Country.

Then your planet.(The Big God)

Then your Sun (Your BIGGER GOD)

In addition, you are a God to the billions of beings inside you.

You are a God to the organs in your body.

A God to the billions of cells in your body.

A God to billions and billions of atoms and molecules in your body.

Your body is a universe, and you are the God of this universe.

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Many human beings are born into this world; they grow up, get some education and then spend the rest of their lives trying to achieve their various ambitions, chasing after material possessions, wealth, success, power, fame and happiness until they die.

Some of them manage to achieve all or some of their ambitions before they die but others don’t.

They spend all their lives desiring one thing or the other and don’t know that desires are endless and material possessions are like mirages.

Material possessions are like shadows.

They are not permanent.

Nothing lasts forever.

That which is worth desiring is that which lasts forever, which is the SPIRIT or SOUL because when you are born again in Spirit, IT IS PERMANENT.

You will never lose it.

Everything else can be lost and are lost every 100 yrs or more in your life on earth.

If you have to spend your time and all your life chasing after material possessions and to accumulate wealth, riches, have success, fame and power, you are a beggar even though you may have millions of dollars, assets, fame, a beautiful family, husband, wife, boyfriend, children and all the other rich peoples’ toys.


You cannot be a beggar and at the same time powerful.

Either you are a beggar or you are powerful.



And he or she does not cling to his worldly possessions because he can lose them all and again make them come back.

Many human beings are beggars and don’t know it because they spend all their lives cheating; ripping others off, manipulating and exploiting others; being cunning; worshipping and begging a God to make them rich; protect them from their enemies (who they have ripped off and cheated) and to make them famous and happy.

Even armed robbers, crooks, terrorists pray to God to protect help them succeed!

Many human beings are infantile and foolishly wise!

After a lifetime of labor and struggle to get rich, in the end, they don’t do much with all their wealth because they die and others take over their wealth.

Not only do they lose their wealth, assets, all material possessions, their families, beautiful wives or husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends, but also their bodies, minds and even memories.

Most human beings cannot remember what happened to them or what they ate last week, not to mention remembering their lives 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 or more years ago.

They have no memory records or if they do, they cannot recall them.

That is why they don’t know they have been moving in circles from birth to death and back to birth and then death over and over again.

They are in prison but don’t know it.

The name of their prisoner is called “Desire” and “attachment to worldly possession is the “gateman” of that prison.

What they accumulate and possess in life also possess them.

They are slaves and weak.

The world is their prison.

They are slaves to nature, Reality and its forces of life and death.

They are not free.

They suffer from DRONITITIS. They are drones.

A drone is a person whose psychic is fragmented; who has not been born again in Spirit; who has not attained enlightenment; who has not known his Spirit or Soul and is attached to worldly materials and moves from birth to death and back to life continuously for millions and billions of years.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN is a man of peace, power and prosperity because he has an integrated psyche that is united into one whole, which is in harmony with nature, Reality and Existence.

He or she is one with the Universe and its forces.

He or she does not divide Existence into God and devil, good and bad, light and darkness, life and death because he or she knows that all are one force with dual manifestations.

Since a SCOGOSTOLOGIST is one who is with the Universe, he or she is the Universe, the Galaxy, the Solar system, the Star, the Sun, the Planet, an atom, a molecule, a tree, water, matter, a dog, a cat, a quantum, light, sun rays, life, and Eternity.

The whole Universe and all of its infinite wealth, riches and in all of its glory belongs to him or her.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is like the Sun.

He does not move and yet whatever he or she desires comes to him or her automatically.

He stays in one place and all his/her desires and wishes come to him or her-money, wealth, success, love, beautiful women, handsome men, honor, good health and happiness.

He attracts all he or she needs because he or she is one with all and all belong to him/her.

Nature is abundant in every way.

There is no scarcity in the universe.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN don’t need to worship, pray or beg a higher being called God to give him/her anything.

The Sun shines for all on earth and give us energy.

We don’t need to worship, pray or beg the Sun to shine.

This applies to everything else we need in this world.

That is the meaning of having power.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST does not beg, worship, or pray to a God because he is a god.

The Sun is our God because without its energy we all shall perish.

The Earth is part of the Sun.

We’re part of the Earth.

Therefore, we are all Suns! And gods!

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is a person who has given birth to the god in him/herself and has become a god.

To give birth to the god (that is like a seed inside you) is to become Spiritually Enlightened. It is the meaning of “BECOMING AWAKE AND BEING FREE.”

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is one who has awakened from DRONITITIS and has used DVD Techs and “TMT Power Secrets” to awaken and give birth to god in him/herself to become free from desires, worldly possessions and nature.

And unless a person becomes free, he or she cannot be happy.

This condition of becoming a god, being free and blissful is SCOGOSTOLOGISM, (SGM), GALAHUMANISM (GMM) or GALACTOLOGISM, (GLM).


A SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN is a man or woman of peace, power and prosperity and very magnetic because he/she is one with Nature, reality, Existence, with the planets, Suns, Galaxies, Constellations, Universes, Cosmoses, plants, animals, space, time and “God”, the “devil”, life and death and all living things.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is now and here automatically.

His/her life is automated because he lives with awareness.

There are no accidents in his/her life.

He or she lives a full life and squeezes out every pleasure and juice in every moment of his/her life.

Therefore, he/she does not have regrets.

He or she accepts all the dualities of life.

Everything is both good and bad to him/her or neither good or bad.

Wherever he/she is becomes a heaven because he/she is one with the Universe and have accepted all the dualities of nature, therefore his/her psyche is integrated into one.


Whatever a SCOGOSTOLOGIST does brings bliss to him/her.

The Universe is continually showering him/her with infinite blessing, wealth, success, love, good health and happiness.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST knows that in life things come and go, so he or DOES NOT ATTACH himself/herself to any worldly possession and is at peace.

He or she can be rich or poor.

To a SCOGOSTOLOGIST poverty and wealth are the polar opposite of the same situation in life.

He or she knows that no matter how much wealth he or she accumulates, they will be gone someday.

Therefore, he/she does not attach him/herself to any form or material things, wealth, success, gold and diamond because all forms and material things are temporary.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST possesses things but things don’t possess him/her because he/she is the master or madam of everything: his/her body, mind, and the world and others.

He or she has transcended all the dualities of life, good and bad, wealth and poverty, heaven and hell, God and the devil, so he or she is free and happy.


He or she possesses the Universe and everything and the Universe also possesses him or her.

He or she belongs to the Universe and the Universe belongs to him too.


A GALAHUMAN is a being who has transcended space (body, the world) and time (mind) and who lives in the “NOW,” the eternal NOW, the Dao, timelessness or ETERNITY.

He or she is a man or woman of infinite Existence.

We are infinite.

We have no beginning or an end.

It is the gravitational force of earth that holds us to earth.

When a SCOGOSTOLOGIST  goes beyond the body and mind, he or she overcomes the gravitational force and becomes free of earth and the circles of life and death.

A GALAHUMAN is neither a man nor woman because he or she has gone beyond all dualities, including the gender, male and female.

He can become male or female, or neither.

He  or she  is free to be whatever he or she delights in being.


A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is neither  good nor bad, big nor small, because he/she is free to be whatever he or she desires.

He is not bound by time, gravitational force or all the dualities of life.

If he chooses, he or she can become male or female, a human being, a planet, a Sun or the Universe.

The Planets, Sun, Galaxies, Universe are his or her other larger bodies.

He or she is one with them.

He or she can incarnate into a body or chose not to do so.

He or she can incarnate in one or a thousand bodies in different planets all at the same time if he or she chose to do so.



He or she is a transcendental being.

He or she is no longer interested in politics, political ideologies, rules, regulations, religious dogmas, theologies, beliefs, rituals that brainwash, program, manipulate and enslave human beings.

Instead, he or she is interested in deprogramming human beings and helping them to build their spirits up so as to become spiritually enlightened and to attain GALAHUMANISM like him or her.

A GALAHUMAN is interested in spreading Spiritual Enlightenment, light and love all over the world and to help human beings become more creative, productive,  progressive, wealthy, rich, successful, responsible, respectable, peaceful, powerful, prosperous and blissful.

He or she is interested in making SCOGOSTOLOGY Princes and Princesses Ambassadors of peace, power and prosperity so that they would spread Truth, Light, Enlightenment, Peace, Love and Happiness globally to help make the world a better place.

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(1) To have a valid understanding of the principles and dynamics of Reality or Existence, (PORE.)

(2)  To correctly apply these Principles of Reality And Existence, (PORE.)

(3)  To work towards voluntary evolution of his/her hidden or unknown nature  in order to attain Cosmic Consciousness or Spiritual Enlightenment (Microphysics or Subjective Enlightenment and Macrophysics or objective Enlightenment.)

This is the Secret Science of how to become a Galactic Human or GALAHUMAN or GALACTOLOGIST and it is known as GALAHUMANISM.

When one attains both Subjective (Microphysics) and Objective (Macrophysics) Enlightenment, the person becomes a GALAHUMAN or a GALACTOLOGIST.

A GALACTOLOGIST is the Beloved of God and the Universe, the Chosen One, the Anointed One, the Illumined One, the Brain, the ELITE, the Shinning One or a CHRISTOLOGIST or GALAHUMANOLOGIST.

The goal of SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) or SCOGOSTOLOGISM (SGGM) is to spread this secret science globally to help as many people as possible to become GALACTOLOGISTS, GALAHUMANS, GALAHUMANITARIANS, GALAHUMANOLOGISTS,  GALAHUMANOLOGICIAN, GALAHUMANITICIANS, CHRISTOLOGISTS, CHRISTOLOGICIANS, and by doing so make the world a better place for all.

This Alchemy of GALAHUMANOLOGY; this Dhammapada of GALAHUMANOLOGY, Christology; the Tao of GALAHUMANOLOGY or GALAHUMANICITY or GALAHUMANOLOGY  THEOLOGICA or Galahumanological Theosophicus is symbolized as “The Black Sun” or the “Stone of Splendor”, (SCOGOSTOLOGY SOS) or the “Galahumanological Apple” or the “Galahumanological fruit of life”

A GALAHUMAN is a SCOGOSTOLOGIST who has attained GALAHUMANISM and so has transcended the body (space and the world), mind (time) as well as life and death to become an IMMORTAL.

Most human beings who claim to be teachers or gurus and who talk about Spiritual Enlightenment and write many big and sweet books about them are not enlightened but have read other peoples’ books and gathered information about it and use them to write their own.

They have only intellectual understanding of Enlightenment.

This is why the phenomenon of Spiritual Enlightenment had been greatly misunderstood for hundreds of thousands of years because the most popular books about it were written by non-enlightened people with only intellectual understanding of it.

And in order to get rich from selling their books they have written many imaginary and fictitious things about it that impress many people and make them justify the cost of the books.

We are all immortal beings.

The problem is that because of our minds and socialization we don’t know it.

True Spirituality or SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is the science of re-discovering this fact by going through and beyond the mind to reach our Spirits which are the only reality, the foundation of our beings.

We are Consciousness.

And a unit of Consciousness is a Spirit of Soul.

We are units of Consciousness.

We are atoms, molecules, cells, systems, quanta of Consciousness who have forgotten we are immortal.

True Spirituality and SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is the secret science of moving out of the body and mind and beyond to reach the Spirit or Soul so that a person would realize what he or she is already, a Spirit, Soul or Consciousness that is the foundation of all.

Furthermore, each human being is a solar system, planet, galaxy and the Universe.

Consciousness is not a thing.



It is nothingness because and it is the mother of all.

It expresses itself in many forms.

It is the mother of space, body, time, mind, life, light, the solar systems, galaxies, the Universe and all.

To attain to this “Nothingness” is to attain to Spiritual Enlightenment.

The method of doing it is the backward moving.

It is negative.

In our daily lives, we move out into the world and don’t know the method of moving in, into the inner world.

There is a world outside us and another world inside us.

The world outside us is the objective world that we know about and live in.

But this is only half of the Reality.

There is also another world, the subjective inner world, the other half of Reality.

This inner world is the Spiritual world and this is where billions of human beings have no clue because they don’t know it because they have been hypnotized, brainwashed and given the wrong and misleading information about it.

First, you have NOTHINGNESS, another name for CONSCIOUSNESS.

When part of this one Consciousness breaks off and becomes an independent unit, it becomes a Spirit or a Soul.

Therefore, a Soul or Spirit is an atom of molecule of Consciousness because it is capable of independent Existence.

In order to be able to move around in the world, the Spirit or Soul needs a vehicle and a driver.

The vehicle or car is the body while the driver is the mind.

With the body and mind, the Soul moves about and interacts with the world outside, the objective world.

They are needed for the outer life of the Soul.

However, if a person desires to know his/her original nature as one Consciousness, then he/she must stop moving outside with the body as vehicle and the mind as the driver.

He/she must begin the backward movement.

First, he/she must get out of the body, then out of the mind, then space-time, then energy and he/she would be able to reach the Soul/Spirit.

But there is a problem.

If you desire to get out of your mind that desire becomes a barrier because it is a thought and thoughts make up the mind.

Desires are the chains that keep human beings in bondage on earth and prevent them from being capable of moving backwards into themselves to know their Spirits and become Spiritually Enlightened, free and immortals.

You cannot desire to stop the mind.

That very desire is thought and it is what the mind is made up of.

Therefore, the more you do anything or think about anything or desire anything, the more you make the mind stronger and therefore unable to get out of it.

This is the mystery of the process of Spiritual Enlightenment and why billions of human beings are not able to become Spiritually Enlightened.

They have been reading books about Spiritual Enlightenment written by scholars who were not Enlightened.

You cannot think about how to or desire to become Enlightened because the very thought becomes mind and mind is the barrier that is preventing you from reaching your Spirit to become enlightened!

For this reason, certain techniques, called DVD techniques (or Mental Deconstruction Devices, MDD) have been created to help you move into your body and mind and then be able to move out into your Spirit to become Spiritually Enlightened.

These techniques are devices or tools that trick the mind and keep it occupied while you move out of it.

These devices will not make you Spiritually Enlightened.

They are distractions that trick the mind to keep it busy while you move out.

It is moving out of your body and mind that gets you to your Spirit and make you Enlightened, not the DVD techniques.

The DVD or MDD Techniques are like cars that transport you from the body and mind to your Spirit.

When you reach your Spirit, you must come out of the car and abandon it.

After you attain Enlightenment, all DVD techniques must be abandoned.

Some Enlightened masters have been fond of talking about the pathless path.

What they mean is that technique don’t make a person to become Enlightened.

They mean that all techniques are bogus and could become a hindrance to Spiritual Enlightenment.

And they are right.

All techniques are bogus. But those bogus techniques are needed.

When you were born and was a little baby, you had to crawl on the ground with your hands and legs. You did not start walking right away.

Then as you grew up you started learning how to walk.

With time, you started learning how to ride your bike, then motor cycle, then a car and then finally someday, you could learn how to fly an airplane.

The same applies on the path of Enlightenment.

You cannot say, it is bogus to teach a baby how to walk because when he grows up he would learn how to fly an airplane, therefore, why waste time and energy teaching him/her how to walk or ride a bike or a car.

You may say these are bogus.

They will never help him/her to fly and you would be right.

But the reality is that it is better for the baby to learn how to walk, ride a bike, and a car before learning how to fly an airplane!

Therefore, the Enlightened masters who condemn techniques as unnecessary and bogus are right, but unfortunately, without them, you may not be able to become Enlightened!

They are unavoidable.

They are utilitarian.

You have to use them.

When you reach your destination, you may come out and abandon them.

Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment without any techniques is arduous and not for everybody.

The average human being don’t even know his/her body not to mention his/her mind, so how can you expect him/her to be able to come out of the body, not to mention the mind?

If you’re in a house, you must know the house, where the doors and windows are for you to be able to come out of it.

Unfortunately, the average person lives in his/her house (body) and yet don’t know where the doors and windows are located.

Therefore, no matter how loud you scream to him/her to get out of the house and there is no technique needed to get out of it, he/she would not be able to do so.

First, you must show him/her around the house and show him/her where the doors and windows are located. Then you show him/her how to unlock the door, open it and go out of it.

And just knowing how to open the door and go out is not enough.

You cannot remain outside too long, therefore, you must also know how to open the door and go back inside the house.

You may not stay outside the house forever because soon, there could be a rainfall, wind, or problems outside.

You should also know how to get back into your body after going out.

The same is the case with the mind.

It is not enough to know how to get out of it.

You must also know how to get back into it when needed because the mind is a tool that helps you to live and function in the outer objective world reality.

And unless a person is able to get out of the body and mind, the person would not be able to understand what the body and mind are and to be able to use them as tools for evolution into higher being (which are what they are) and the person would continue to be under their dominations and will suffer and be miserable.

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(1)  He or she is a person who was born into A SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) family, community, society or country whose psyche is integrated or who was born into a non-SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) family, society, community or country but have used DVDTECH (aka Mind Deconstruction Devices, MDD) and TMT Power Secret tools to integrate his/her psyche into one whole and so is at peace with him/herself, other human beings and the world.

(2) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST lives in the world but is not of the world because he/she has gone beyond it by mastering him/herself.

Therefore he/she is in harmony with nature and don’t attach himself or herself to material possessions, wealth, success, fame and power.

(3) He/she understands that the whole Universe is one but manifests in different forms, wavelengths and vibrations that give rise to all the different types of matter, beings, living things, human beings, animals, plants, soil, gases, planets, suns, solar systems, constellations, galaxies, universes and cosmos, as well as Omniverse and VOIDON.

(4) He or she is a person who understands that the different forces that operate in nature and in Existence are one although they have dual polarities and that even though they seem opposed to each other, they are in fact, complimentary and not opposed to each because each needs the other to be manifest.

Therefore, there is nothing that is absolutely, inherently good, or bad (the basis of all morality.)

Therefore, positive and negative, God and Devil, up and down, male and female, heaven and hell, light and darkness and other dualities are complimentary and not opposed to each other because each needs the other. Besides, each leads to the other at its extremity.

(5) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN is a lover of BEAUTY in all of its different forms and strives to make the world and everything beautiful.

Therefore, he or she works hard to develop and cultivate his/her body, mind and Spirit (Soul) in order to attain Spiritual Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness, which is the highest form of beauty.

Beauty is one of the most powerful expressions of the Divine or Existence.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is a lover of symmetry, order, competence, simplicity, pragmatism and magnanimity.

While everybody else tries to complicate things, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST tries to simplify them because one of the qualities of Existence is simplicity.

When one has Spiritual Enlightenment, his or her vision is united into ONE and his or her perception is clear.

Simplicity is the hallmark of clarity.

Clarity of vision is the telltale sign of Spiritual Enlightenment.

(6) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is one who understands that the foundation of knowledge is the understanding of oneself because by doing so, then a person can understand others because everything is a part of One whole Reality.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST does not worship any Supreme Being because a Supreme Being is made up of parts and a SCOGOSTOLOGIST is that part.

Instead, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST works hard to cultivate awareness and his or her Spirit (Soul) so that he or she can become Spiritually Enlightened and realize the Supreme Being inside him or her.

When he or she is showered by SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) LIGHT, he or she would come to realize he or she is part of the Supreme Being; ONE REALITY that manifests as many different forms and beings.


(7) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is time conscious and therefore punctual, sharp, methodical, steadfast, creative, solid, strong, mighty, patient, aware, insightful, careful, rigorous, has clarity, is non-mystical, non-superstitious, scientific, empirical, experimental and do not believe or accept anything without an evidence or proof beyond all reasonable doubts.

He or she has self-control and discipline, is respectful, trustworthy, reliable, dutiful, humorous and fair-minded.

(8)  A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is never jealous of others and their possessions because he or she is at peace with himself/herself; he/she is non-possessive, creative and therefore has the capacity and skill to attain his/her ambitions.

Only weak, uncreative, unproductive, non-spiritual and foolish people are jealous of others.

He or she does not desire things because others do so or do things because others make him/her to do so.  He or she does not care about what others say about him/her because he/she believes in freedom and recognizes that others have the freedom to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him or her.

Only weak people who have NOT known themselves care about what others say about them because their whole personalities and identities depend on other people’s opinions.

They have not known themselves.

They have no character or selves that belong to them.

Whatever they have –body and mind belong to their parents, school, friends and society.

When one knows his/herself, why would he or she care about what others (who have not even known themselves) think about him/her?

And whatever they think of him/her is bound to be wrong because if they have not known themselves (they are closest to themselves than other human beings) they could not possibly know anyone else.

Knowing must start from home, from oneself because you are nearest to you.

Others are so distant.

If you cannot know “you,” who is nearest to yourself, how can you possibly know others who are distant from you?

And knowing is Not the same as Knowledge.

Knowledge is information about an object obtained from outside.

Knowing is an experience obtained from being.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST has known his/her body, mind and Spirit and therefore is independent-minded and action-oriented because he/she knows where  he/she is from, where he or she is at, where he or she is going, is full of confidence, clarity and has a sense of purpose.

He or she does not depend on anyone because he or she knows that others are weak and uncreative and since they have not known themselves, they are unreliable, needy and beggars.

You cannot expect much from a beggar!

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST knows that he or she is responsible for creating his or her own reality and purpose in life because he or she knows that he/she is part of God, which is another name for creativity.

(9) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is not a beggar because he or she knows that everything is abundant in nature, so he or she tries to understand how to communicate with the Universe the source of everything.

Everybody else is a beggar and you cannot get much from a beggar.

The smart thing to do is to go to the source of all, the Universe.

But to get anything from the Universe, you must become one with the Universe and know how to communicate with it.

This is the meaning of SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG), the science and technology of understanding Existence and the Universe and becoming one with it so that one can make his or her ambitions come true and get abundant wealth, success, prosperity, fame, power and happiness.

Seek you the kingdom of God first (understand and know how to communicate with the source of all, the Universe) and everything shall be yours!

(10) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST does not run around chasing material objects and possessions because he or she is not a beggar.

Only beggars run around chasing wealth, success, prosperity, fame and happiness.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is a man or woman of peace and power.

When you have power and united with the Universe, it will send all your needs and make all your ambitions come true automatically.


The Universe is the source of all wealth, success, prosperity, gold and diamonds.

And anyone who is properly connected to the Universe would not lack anything because the Universe is infinitely rich and powerful and have everything in abundance.

A man of true power, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN does not run around the world seeking wealth, success, prosperity, fame, love, power and happiness.

A man of true power is a SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN and he/she stays in one place while all that he/she desires come to him/her automatically because he is one with the Universe and so the Universe knows his/her desires and send them to him/her automatically.

His/Her ambitions, goals and desires are also those of the UNIVERSE!

A man of true power, a SCOGOSTOLOGIST or SCOGOSTOLOGICIAN is the same as the UNIVERSE and is backed by the UNIVERSE and GOD, as well as all the trillions of solar systems, suns, planets , beings and power, in all of their MIGHTY AND GLORY.

The sun shines everyday and if it does not get into an accident would keep shining and giving all forms and beings in our solar system energy, light and life without our begging, asking, or worshiping it.

The energy of one sun, (which is the nucleus of an atom in the body of a Universe) is so powerful and beyond human comprehension and can last 12 billion years.

Then think about the power of hundreds of billions of Suns inside a Galaxy and hundreds of billions of Galaxies in a Universe.

(11) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is modest, non-exhibitionist, in control of his/her body, mind and Spirit, as well as his/her environment.

He or she is always aware, in harmony with all and flows with nature.

(12)  He/she is aware and conscious in whatever he or she does and so he or she can see both the trees and the forest.

He or she respects all beings and animals because he or she has known himself/herself and understands that all beings and matter are parts of one Reality and Existence and therefore different parts of him/her.

(13) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is neither a masochist nor sadist. He or she does not attack others or defame, manipulate or exploit them because he or she knows others are parts of the Universe and having become one with the Universe, he or she sees others as parts of him/her too. He does not victimize others and vehemently refuses to let others victimize him/her because he/she is not a masochist.

When slapped on one cheek, he or she does not turn the other cheek to be slapped on too.

Instead, if you step on his toe, he or she would scream and make it absolutely clear that he or she does not like it and that it should not happen again because if it does next time he would break your own leg so that you would know how it feels and stop.

He or she refuses to be manipulated, exploited or cheated in any way because he does not do any of these to others.

A SCOGOSTOLOGIST is upright, reasonable, considerate, fair-minded and has a sterling personality.

(14) A SCOGOSTOLOGIST eschews violence and does not allow anyone to be violent to him/her.

He/she is temperate in his/her manner and follows the”Middle path” (moderation in all things) in all his/her daily life and avoid the extremes.

The Middle path is the path that leads to transcendence.

And transcendence is SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG).

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Thank you for visiting the Official Blog site for SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG or GALAHUMANISM, GMM.

We are honored.

May God and the Universe shower you with infinite blessing, love, good health, wealth, success, long life, fame and happiness.

SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG is about self-discovery, self-actualization, spiritual enlightenment and the achievement of all our secret desires and ambitions.

SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG is the golden key that opens the door to the infinite wealth in the Universe.

It is the key that opens the gateless gate to Heaven.

SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG is the “SECRET” to knowing how to establish true relationship with God and the Universe so that ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS WILL FLOW INTO YOUR LIFE.

The Universe has abundance of everything.

One Solar System has many planets with billions of different life forms and mineral resources.

Each Galaxy in our Universe has more than 300 million Solar Systems.

Each Universe has hundreds of millions of Galaxies and clusters of Galaxies.


There is no need for human beings to lack anything.

Scarcity, poverty, misery are indications and signs of our DISCONNECTION from the PRIME MOVER, THE SOURCE, THE ORIGIN, GOD AND THE UNIVERSE.

SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG is the 500,000 yr old SECRETS of the Ancient Astronaut Gods called the ANUNNAKI that reveals how to develop our dormant, inner potential; the 99.9% of our sleeping brain cells, nervous system and mind so that they are activated and connected to God and the Universe.

By doing this, we are able to resolve all the problems in our lives because the SOLUTIONS to all of our problems are in the mind of our LIVING PLANET, STELLAR SUN, LIVING GALAXY, UNIVERSE AND GOD.

Please read our blogs carefully and many times with open mind because the contents have many layers of meaning.

You are free to agree or disagree with SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG.

No belief is necessary because it is SPIRITUALITY COMBINED WITH MODERN SCIENCE.

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May God and the Universe protect and help you make all your dreams and ambitions to come true.

Thank you.


A DIRECT Son of Enki, the FATHER GOD and the creator of human beings on earth.



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